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Electrostatic charge buildup on treated materials surfaces negatively affects not only the product quality, speed and normal machine operation, but at the same time safety of work is decreased. There are many reasons of generation of static electricity on material surface. The most common is friction factor. During the processing material is sliding or moving along the conveyor belts or sliding across the rollers of production machine. There are another passive factors which cause static charge buildup on material surface. These are environmental factors. Electrostatic charge value is inversely proportional to atmospheric humidity. By other words in high humidity enviroment there will be less static build up. These factors and processes can significantly increase static charge level in material, and make further work with material inpracticable.

Anti static bar is most efficient device for most technologic processes in various industrial applications. Use of special adapted devices for electrostatic charge elimination will significantly increase quality of output products and will decrease the rejection percentage.

Operating principle of almost all neutralizing bars is increasing the air electroconductivity by ionization of air in treating area. Anti static bar is an active static electricity neutralizer. For operation it must be connected to special designed for it high voltage power supply. Ionization is made by pins that are located on one side of the bar. These pins are resistively connected to high voltage line to ensure the safe contact with human body. However it is not recomended to touch intentionally the pins during the operation. Generally, operating voltage of static neutralizing bars varies between 3 and 10kV, depending on the used power supply. The most common operating voltage range for optimized work is 7-8kV. The length of the bar depends on the width of material will be treated. It may vary from 10cm to 4 meters.

Anti static bars can be easily mounted to production machine by using special designed for this purpose mounting kits. Thus, mounting of bar in any position and any location of the machine is provided. There is another point, distance between treated material surface and ionizing pins. This is very inportant. But it aso depent on treated material physical and chemical features and specifications. If all these specifications are known anti static bar can be ideally adjusted to machine and provide proper neutralization of problematic electrostatic charge on material surface.

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